Live at Waves Coffee House

Recorded: June 2016
  1. Wrong Direction
  2. Pack Up Your Sorrows
  3. I See It In Your Eyes
  4. Rain
  5. Deanne
  6. Blackbird

Wrong Direction

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I ask What’s goin’ on – You shuffle your feet
Y’look all around – but not at me
The car’s packed up – ready to flee
With boxes in – the passenger seat
You’re leavin’ me
You’re leavin’ me

Come back baby – don’t close that door
I love your love and I want some more
I know it’s rough now and then
But you’re goin’ in
The wrong direction

I ask What’s goin’ on with you out there
You run your fingers through your hair
Stare at the sky, and put on a show
You think you love me but you still don’t know
You’re leavin’ me
You’re leavin’ me

Come back baby – I need you so much
Drive my car – shift my clutch
Turn around – come back to me
Cause you’re spinnin’ your wheels
In the wrong direction

Outside you’re cool – Inside you’re hot
Meet me in – our secret spot
Don’t be flyin’ down that track
with Eyes ahead – not lookin’ back
And leavin’ me
And leavin’ me

Come back baby – make that turn
Come back before – we crash and burn
Your tail lights – are all I see
Back it up and drive
In my direction

Written by Carol Bloor, September 2015