I See It in Your Eyes
(Song for Cory)

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Just a little boy
A boy who liked to play
Lego and Nintendo
Every video game
For this traditional mother
Life never was the same
Rockets and computers
Came to stake their claim

I see it in your eyes
A signal I know
I hear it in your voice
You’re ready to go
A journey to the outside
Your leaving breaks my heart
I feel you pull away
Making a new start

I see it in your eyes
Wheels turning round
Bits and bytes
Electronic sound
Ideas buzzing through your mind
Solutions to be found
Flying miles away
Though we’re standing on the ground

I see it in your eyes
Passion and flare
You’re a thinker
I see it in your stare
There’s a reason
We’ve been trusted to your care
You’ll be leading
And we’ll follow you somewhere

I see him in your eyes
The leader of our time
But he’s gone
No matter how we pine
You’re his image
You followed him sometimes
Now you’re the beacon
(Now) The future’s in your mind

I see them in your eyes
Brilliant lights
Gates and Jobs
Heroes of our time
Reaching for the universe
They pass the torch to you
Parents grateful
That you’re reaching for us too

Cruising to the future
Leaving past behind
Tilting to tomorrow
Travelling through time
Looking back to when our dreams of
Star Wars filled the skies
Child of vision
I see it in your eyes

I see him in your eyes
I see them your eyes
I see it in your eyes

Written by Carol Bloor, March 2016