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Give me a look
Show me a smile
Toss me a glance
Make it all worthwhile

To be your man
To be my girl
Give us a chance
To let it all unfurl

Saw you walkin' down the street
Little dances in your feet
Felt my heart skip a beat
(and) I thought if only we could meet

Strollin’ down the Malecón
Sea waves crashing on and on
Your lilting voice pulled me along
But I turned around and you were gone

Just turn your eyes
To see me here
Waiting, craving
Please let me near

Give me a sign
I don't ask for much
Softness, kindness
And a gentle touch

(Instrumental Chorus)

Steal me a wink
Throw me a wave
Give me hope
(that) I'm the one you'll save

Blow me a kiss
Slide me your hand
Touch my heart
Take me on the sand

And we'll be walkin' down the street
Little dances in our feet
Hearts that synchronize their beat
Oh, if only we could meet

Walkin' down the Malecón
The ocean waves crash on and on
Your spirit's singing my song
But I turn again and you're still gone

Written by Carol Bloor, August 2015