Cliquey Cliquey Blues

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Oh baby, you’ve got moves; you’ve got style
I wanna sit, and just watch you for a while
But when you look at me – oh baby I’m on trial

Well I see your friends all around
They love you, and they love your bluesy sound
And I’d hang with you, but you don’t want me ‘round

Cliquey, cliquey, cliquey, cliquey, cliquey blues
Your inner circle scrapes me off their shoes
I’m tryin’ hard – but you won’t let me on your cruise
(So) I’m stranded here – just singin’ out the blues

When you’re on stage, the crowd knows who you are
And when you sing, you’re smilin’ like a star
But when you talk to me, you make me feel so far

Yeah you’re suave – swaggin’ it all day long
Poster child for the indie musical song
And so cool – you don’t even know you’re doin’ me wrong

Cliquey, cliquey, cliquey, cliquey, cliquey blues
Your friends are so amused
Well they don’t know it – but now you’re lightin’ my fuse
You think you’re somethin’ – but I won’t be abused

Now there’s a train in my heart, and it’s leavin’ today
It’s gonna save me, by takin’ me away
And you can come with me – or you can just stay

My star is gonna rise
Just look at the glow in my eyes
My fame is gonna take you by surprise

And you will have the cliquey, cliquey blues
Watchin’ me, and waitin’ on my cues
You’ll be down here – and I’ll be on stage singin’ truth
And you’ll have the cliquey, cliquey, cliquey, cliquey blues! Oh yeah!

Written by Carol Bloor, January 2015